Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Yankee Clipper Inn ~ Wedding on the Bluff in Rockport, MA ~ Simple, Elegant Style

Sometimes I think that everything happens for a reason. 

The whole world works together 

and all the elements conspire to add a level of intention 
or awareness to life. 
Sweet, thoughtful, stylish wedding 
at the fabulous Yankee Clipper Inn in Rockport. 
A small gathering of only the closest of friends and family. 
Clouds were flying across the sky as I drove into Rockport. 
The wind was howling, and although the weather 
was questionable at best, 
the ceremony was set to be on the bluffs by the ocean 
even if it rained. 
(They do have an indoor alternative location 
at the venue.) 
Everything came together, dark clouds shifted away, 
music began and the ceremony went off without 
a rain drop. 
We had about ten minutes for photos afterward
 and then rain started to fall. 
Everyone warmed up in the cozy reception room 
and enjoyed an intimate celebration of toasting and 
great food.  
I loved their thoughtful quotes neatly tied 
to the succulant favors 
and the creative rock love notes their guests contributed. 
The weather added a layer of vitality to this already 
exquisitely planned celebration of love.